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Your search found the following loans:
Loan Type : ALL
Loan purpose : ALL
Loan amount : $550,000
Loan period : 25 years
compareclear Institution Products Initial
Interest Rate
Default Variable /
Roll Rate
Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment Total Startup Cost Type Of Repayment High LVR Premium Dream Loan Essentials 3.64% 3.66% $2794.9 $520.00 pi 80 More Info Essentials Refinance 3.64% 3.66% $2794.9 $520.00 pi 80 More Info
Click Loans The Online Home Loan (80% LVR) 3.69% 3.69% $2809.79 $440.00 80 More Info
State Custodians Low Rate Line of Credit (o/o) 3.69% 3.72% $2809.79 $275.00 io/pi 80 More Info
State Custodians Low Rate Home Loan (o/o) 3.69% 3.72% $2809.79 $275.00 io/pi 95 More Info
Homestar Owner Occupied P&I variable 3.69% 3.73% $2809.79 $632.50 90 More Info
Click Loans The Online Home Loan with Offset 3.73% 3.74% $2821.74 $440.00 70 More Info
UBank UHomeLoan SVR with Value Offer 3.74% 3.74% $2824.73 $0.00 pi 80 More Info Dream Loan Offset 3.72% 3.74% $2818.75 $520.00 io/pi 90 More Info Offset Refinance 3.72% 3.74% $2818.75 $520.00 90 More Info

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  • Line of credit

Standard variable is the biggest selling loan category in the market and accounts for a big chunk of mortgage business. Getting a standard variable home loan is an easy process for a borrower who meets mainstream criteria and holds a good credit record.

Standard variable home loans often include redraw facilities, portability features and allow the borrower to make additional repayments. Borrowers have the option of making repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and can combine their loan with another eg fixed rate or split loan. However, these flexible features come at a price – interest rates on standard variable home loans are higher compared to the basic loans.

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