Buying a second property can be a great opportunity to expand into real estate investment or purchase another owner-occupied home, but there are several things you need to keep in mind.

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After settlement How to tap into equity to buy again

How to tap into equity to buy again

Although the bank owns part of your home, you own the remaining amount. So how can you best leverage your equity to purchase your next property?

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Applying for a home loan Expert shares tips for refinancing

Expert shares tips for refinancing

Refinancing can see you back at the start with banks, negotiating on rates and proving you're a good credit risk. Here's how to get the best deal when switching

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Buying a home How to get a loan with a 5% deposit

How to get a loan with a 5% deposit

You only have a small deposit saved, and it took some work to get there. But just when you think your first home may still be another few years away, here are a few options to make you think otherwise

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How to buy property with a low credit score

You may have missed a few credit card payments or experienced a stressful situation a few years back. No matter what caused your credit score to suffer, there’s still a chance for you to enter the property market

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Your state-by-state guide to stamp duty

It could be one of the biggest financial expenses you will come across, after the deposit – so knowing how much your state or territory charges for stamp duty is crucial when purchasing your first home

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