Free home loan calculators

Finding a home loan can be one of the most stressful parts of the home buying journey. We make the task easier with our wide range of calculators that can help you estimate your stamp duty costs, lenders mortgage insurance, how much you’re able to borrow, what your repayments could be, and more.

Please note these calculators provide an estimate only and are not a guarantee of a successful home loan application.

How to use our home loan calculators

Our home loan calculators are simple to use. You need to have an idea of your loan amount, the interest rate, repayment type, loan term, repayment frequency, and other information as required.

If you’re not sure what your loan amount is because you’re a first time buyer or have only just started thinking about taking out a home loan, that’s okay. Have a think about what your budget is and enter rough numbers into the calculator that matches your budget.

Other calculators, like the stamp duty calculator, may require you to enter your location, while our income tax calculator will require you to include your income and current expenses.

How can mortgage brokers help?

Our Mortgage Calculators are designed to give you rough estimates of the information you are looking for, be it how much you can borrow or how long will your home loan period be.

While our calculators do not give you all the answers to your queries, it aims to help you assess your financial capacity and borrowing power before even applying for a home loan.

It is still a good idea for you to consult a financial expert to assess your situation thoroughly.

Mortgage brokers will be able to give you a deeper understanding of the results that you will be seeing from our Mortgage Calculators. They can provide you with advice and tips to make sure you grasp how home loans work.

Mortgage brokers can also assist you in getting the best home loan deals in town that perfectly fit your needs and capacities. Talk to a mortgage broker today and discover what you can afford!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our calculators can only provide an indication based on the figures you've provided. The more information you provide, the more accurate the figures will be.

The calculator is not a guarantee and can provide an estimate only. The lender has the final decision.


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