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Important Information and Comparison Rate Warning

Base criteria of: a $400,000 loan amount, variable, fixed, principal and interest (P&I) home loans with an LVR (loan-to-value) ratio of at least 80%. However, the ‘Compare Home Loans’ table allows for calculations to be made on variables as selected and input by the user. Some products will be marked as promoted, featured or sponsored and may appear prominently in the tables regardless of their attributes. All products will list the LVR with the product and rate which are clearly published on the product provider’s website. Monthly repayments, once the base criteria are altered by the user, will be based on the selected products’ advertised rates and determined by the loan amount, repayment type, loan term and LVR as input by the user/you. *The Comparison rate is based on a $150,000 loan over 25 years. Warning: this comparison rate is true only for this example and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Rates correct as of .

Tiimely Home envisions a community of borrowers who are able to take more control of their mortgage journey. With its proprietary artificial intelligence lending platform, it aims to simplify the home loan process while providing owner-occupiers and investors with low-cost financing options.

Launched in 2017 and backed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Tiimely Home separates itself from other online home loan lenders by utilising its AI technology to make responsible lending decisions on the go.

Tiimely Home chief marketing officer Laura Osti said digitising all aspects of credit policy, from security, credit, identity, affordability, and fulfillment, allows the lender to establish a unique platform for responsible lending.

“By combining Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) with digital fulfillment and underwriting expertise, Tiimely Home improves and accelerates lending applications, decisions, and ultimately customer experiences,” she told Your Mortgage.

Ms Osti said the proprietary built human-in-the-loop technology has been learning and benefitting from five years of customer data and deep insights since Tiimely Home started operations in 2017.

“By licensing our platform to 17 partners, including two of Australia’s five largest banks, we’ve allowed others to benefit from the technology and enabled the data ecosystem to expand exponentially, creating solutions that get smarter and more agile with time,” she said.

“Tiimely Home aims to make this technology widely available to the industry so everyone can take advantage of these features for the benefit of their customers.

“Tiimely Home Enterprise is a B2B solution for lenders, mortgage brokers, and fintech businesses looking for cost-effective ways to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and compliance.”

As a lender itself, however, Tiimely Home applies this technology to offer competitive home loan products to borrowers.

What home loans does Tiimely Home offer?

Tiimely Home offers owner-occupier and investment loans under the following types:

  • Transaction type: New loan application or refinancing

  • Rate: Fixed or variable

  • Repayment Type: Principal and Interest (P&I) or Interest Only (IO)

As of press time, Tiimely Home does not offer any other type of property loans like construction loans, guarantor loans, split loans, bridging loans, land loans, and debt consolidation loans.

What are the features of a Tiimely home loan?

Ms Osti said Tiimely Home has been on a mission to disrupt the financial services sector by making home loans “faster, smarter, and simpler” for customers.

“Tiimely Home’s core technology allows a home loan application to be assessed in real-time, as a customer is online filling out their details. To date, the fastest delivery of a home loan contract, from the time the customer completed their application, is three minutes,” she said.

Here are some of the features of a Tiimely home loan:

Rate Match

Rate Match is available for both owner-occupiers and investors seeking new loans or refinancing to a Tiimely home loan. With this feature, Tiimely Home matches the variable rate across a competitor’s variable P&I home loan products if it is currently on offer and is identical to the material features of the Tiimely Home product.

This means that if a borrower finds a lower rate for an identical variable P&I home loan, Tiimely Home will match the rate — as long as the rate appears on the loan contract under the normal terms.

Faster approval process

Tiimely Home’s auto-assessment technology allows it to review applications and provide approval at the soonest possible time.

Applicants can be assessed in real-time, with available experts ready to give a hand if they need help.

Higher loan-to-value ratio cap

Applicants can apply for low-rate loans even if they borrow up to 90% of the property’s value, provided that they also pay for Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

Offset account

There is an option to add an offset account linked to the home loan to reduce the interest charges. Borrowers can choose to pay a minimal fee of $10 to get this feature.

Borrowers with fixed-rate loans can also apply for an offset account.

Redraw Facility

Extra repayments can be accessed for free.

Extra repayments

Borrowers can make unlimited extra repayments for variable home loans and up to $20,000 annually for fixed mortgages.

Secure application process and home loan journey

Tiimely Home has an Australian Credit Licence and is backed by the fifth largest bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. The lender also boasts its “tech-nerd grade security, encryption, and hosting.

What are the fees for Tiimely home loans?

Tiimely Home prides itself on not charging any application fees and ongoing fees. Here’s the fee schedule of Tiimely Home compared against the industry standard:


Tiimely Home

Industry Standard

Application fee


Up to $600

Monthly fee


Up to $15

Annual fee


Up to $400

Offset account

$10 (optional)

Up to $10 or built into the interest rate

Online redraw


Up to $50 per redraw



Up to $350



Up to $650

Solicitor/Conveyancer costs

~ $60 to $200

Up to $2,200

Exit fee


Up to $700

Tiimely Home’s digital conveyancer charges a PEXA fee of around $60 for online settlement of $80 to $200 for paper settlement. Those buying a home may also need to cover the cost of their own conveyancer.

When applying for a Tiimely home loan, borrowers should also take note of certain and unavoidable government costs, like stamp duty, title and mortgage registration fees, title search costs, and refinancing fees.

Are you eligible for a Tiimely home loan?

To be eligible for a Tiimely home loan, borrowers must tick all the boxes of this checklist:



Transaction and property type

Borrowers must be buying or refinancing an established property. Off-the-plan or under construction homes are not allowed.

For units and apartments in a high-density complex, a 30% deposit is required.


The home or investment property must be in a capital city or a major regional centre.


Borrowers can apply with a deposit amount equivalent to 10% of the property’s value. LMI is required for deposits less than 20%.

For loans above $2m, the minimum deposit requirement is 25% of the property’s value.

Loan amount

The minimum loan amount is $50,000 while the maximum is set at $3m.


Borrowers falling into these employment structures can apply:

  • Full-time and permanent part-time PAYG roles (at least six months or had 12 months of continuous service in the same industry.

  • Dependent contractor PAYG roles (at least six months or two years in the same industry).

  • Casual PAYG roles (12 months, or six months if there are two years of continuous service in the same industry)

  • Self-employed (At least two years of trading)


At least one form of government ID

Residence and Citizenship

Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia


Both must be listed on the current property title and both must apply to the new loan.

What are the special requirements for self-employed applicants?

Self-employed applicants are required to provide additional requirements to be considered for a Tiimely home loan. They must meet the following:

  • Self-employed applicants must provide their registered ABN.

  • They must have been self-employed for at least two years.

  • Most recent business tax returns and most recent personal tax returns and notice of assessment must be provided.

  • GST registration is required if the turnover is more than $75,000 per annum.

  • They must have a good credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiimely Home

Want to know more about Tiimely Home? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this lender and its products:

Who funds Tiimely Home?

Tiimely Home is an online loan provider funded by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. While Tiimely Home does all the assessment and approval, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank supply the funding to be given to successful loan applicants.

How is Tiimely Home able to charge low rates?

Tiimely Home’s technology allows it to process applications fully online and lowers the overhead costs of borrower onboarding, allowing it to pass on the savings to its customers.

Are there really no fees for Tiimely home loans?

Since Tiimely Home is an online lender, it does not charge the usual fees most brick-and-mortar lenders pass on to their clients. Tiimely Home only charges for solicitor and conveyancer fees and exit and discharge fees.

Does Tiimely Home offer pre-approval?

Tiimely Home offers a form of conditional approval, where it can access your eligibility for a home loan without information about the property you are planning to buy. Borrowers, however, must inform Tiimely Home of the suburb there are looking to purchase in.

How long does it take to get approval from Tiimely Home?

With Tiimely Home’s core technology, it can assess home loan applications in real-time, as customers fill out their details. According to Tiimely Home, the quickest it has provided approval was 58 minutes, from the time the borrower submitted their application, including the assessment, verification, and all digital checks.

Can borrowers have two offset accounts?

Tiimely Home does not allow two offset accounts. However, unlike most lenders, Tiimely Home offers the offset feature even for fixed loans.

Is getting an online home loan from Tiimely Home safe?

Tiimely Home employs digital security measures to ensure that sensitive information is stored properly. On top of using the industry standard Transport Layer Security 1.2 (used by most banks, Tiimely Home also has a dedicated team to ensure the security of information provided by its clients.