Savvy broker makes borrower's 'dream home' a reality

By Your Mortgage

When Dalida Asmar discovered the perfect property next to her father’s house, she needed to find a suitable mortgage. Your Mortgage spoke to her about her experience.

It was love at first sight when Dalida Asmar set her eyes on a Westmeadows property in Melbourne, Victoria. The fact that it was also a stone’s throw away from her father’s house just sweetened the deal.

“We decided to buy the house because we fell in love with it – and it’s next door to my father’s place!” says Dalida. “That made us want it even more, and a mortgage was our only option to buy the house.”

However, with an investment property already under her belt and only some basic knowledge of the mortgage market, Dalida was concerned that another home loan would be out of the question. She decided to contact a broker to get some solid information and advice about her options.

“We were concerned that it was going to be difficult to get a mortgage because we needed to refinance. We also didn’t know much about it until our broker talked it through with us,” says Dalida.

Thankfully for Dalida, there was no need to worry. Her broker immediately explained the whole process and went about finding a loan that would suit her circumstances – a luxury Dalida had not experienced with her first broker.

 “We had a very long and difficult experience with our first broker, so when Maurie came from BEAT Home Loans, his confidence made us very comfortable. He answered all our questions and made us feel a whole lot better,” she says.

“We refinanced our investment property so we could buy the one next door to my dad. My broker really knew what he was doing, and asked all the appropriate questions before we began so there wouldn’t be any challenges. We also got a discounted rate which we were happy with, and found that BEAT was the cheapest one out of all the others we’d seen.”

Dalida was also able to negotiate on the price of the house and benefited from no upfront costs on the mortgage.

Overall, she concedes that the homebuying and loan process has gone surprisingly smoothly, with no major challenges – a result of her broker’s excellent effort to find a mortgage tailored to her needs.

 “It’s working out really well and I think the reason is that my broker worked out a mortgage to best suit us and our circumstances,” she says.

Dalida offers a top tip for borrowers who are eager to buy their dream home, but are unsure about their mortgage potential: “I think the mortgage market is all very much the same. If you have a good broker like I did, then he/she will work out what’s best to suit your income and circumstances,” she says.

Dalida adds that shopping around for the best broker and loan is time well spent, and the extra effort will pay off in the long run.“Family and friends told us to shop around because there’s so much out there to choose from – we did so, and BEAT suit us best. Mortgage-wise, we considered things like interest rate, fees and charges, upfront costs and how long the process would take. But again, if you have an experienced broker, they should be able to give you a time frame.”