Making the search for your home easier

By Will Keall
The best thing you can do to aid your home hunt is to get the facts straight in your own head. What is it that you really want from your dream home? Narrow down your search drastically with these five pointers: 

Do your research
Take at least a month or two to research suburbs that you are interested in – find out more about the features that are important to you, whether it be the schools, shops, parks, public transport, parking, crime rates or community events. 

Even better than researching online is to talk to people who live there or have lived there, as nothing beats first hand experience. 

Write it down
We all know in our heads what we want from our dream home, but when you are looking at so many different properties and your head is spinning with all the information, it can be hard to remember exactly what it was on that list. 

So write it down! And once you have all the features you want down on paper, perhaps it is an idea to then put these into two categories – must have and flexible. 

Work out your budget 
The key here is being realistic about what you can afford, and making sure you include all of the costs involved. Some of the big ones include stamp duty, actual cost of the home, renovation work, council rates, moving costs, and ongoing mortgage payments (give yourself at 2-3 per cent buffer for changing interest rates). This will give you a clearer idea of what price range you can search within. 

Look outside the box 
While you have your list of features you would like in your dream home, sometimes we don’t know what would be best for us until we see it. Understandably, a lot of people will not compromise on location for good reasons, like being close to family or to good schools or the beach – however sometimes looking just a little outside your ideal location will yield the results you want. 

Rally the troops
Searching for a new home can be very overwhelming at times – so maybe consider enlisting someone you trust to help you search to take some of the pressure off. This has to be someone you can be totally honest with, as it is very likely you will be saying ‘no’ time and time again. 

Best of luck in your search!


Will Keall, iMortgage’s general manager, has a wealth of marketing and business development experience gained in Australia and the United Kingdom. These include high level roles in a range of sectors such as financial services, insurance, travel and tourism, motoring and professional services.

Will played a pivotal role in the successful establishment of iMortgage. His dedication and passion for the mortgage industry have won Will the utmost respect as an integral part of the iMortgage brand.

A self confessed “numbers and brand geek”, Will calls himself a conservative investor with a long-term philosophy. He also believes it’s important to “love where you live.”

Will is a cricket and football tragic, who also enjoys running.