Welcome to this special issue of Your Mortgage magazine where we showcase the results of the Your Mortgage Annual Mortgage of the Year Award – one of the most comprehensive, sophisticated and independent reviews of mortgages currently on offer in Australia.

This year marks the 18th anniversary of this highly-sought after award and a return of intense competition in the mortgage market.

With the global financial crisis behind us, non bank lenders have re emerged, stronger and hungrier than ever for market share. Of course, the banks who enjoyed almost no competition over the past 18 months are not about to give back their hard earned market. They are just as aggressive as the non banks in terms of pricing their home loan offering.

Every category was a close race and in most cases, the difference in terms of costs between the contenders was so small – it was generally the loan features that determined the winners.

Another remarkable feature in this year’s competition is the focus on quality, rather than quantity. While lenders have pared back their mortgage products significantly, they’ve also improved their key offering. This resulted in smarter, more borrower friendly and competitive loan products.

So, after comparing hundreds of mortgages under strict set of rules, we’ve produced a small but elite group of winners: all offering low interest rates, fewer and lower costs as well as greater flexible features.

So who won this year’s most prestigious awards? Check out the latest issue of Your Mortgage Magazine to find out!

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