​Keeping a Wrap on Holiday Spending

By Jeremy Fisher
They say ‘tis the season to be jolly and for many this goes hand-in-hand with ‘tis the season to be spending but this one could be different and there are ways to avoid blowing the budget.

Gifts often end up being expensive by the time you have something for everyone but if you set price limits for each of the gifts you buy then you will remain within your ‘gift budget’. This way you can also avoid putting additional purchases on your credit card.

Remember, often it’s not the value of the gift that matters but the thought behind the gift. An inexpensive and thoughtful gift together with a note from the heart written on a hand-made card could feel priceless to a friend or family member. 

When you feel like going out during the holidays there are plenty of paying options such as amusement parks, cinemas and ten-pin bowling but there are also many other activities that cost little if anything. Going bushwalking or bicycling in a National Park, kicking a ball at the oval or going for a swim at the beach are all enjoyable and healthy alternatives and you can also bring along a picnic lunch to avoid buying take-away food. 

Having a nice meal at home with a group of friends is a great alternative to going out to a restaurant. Whether it’s dinner, lunch or even brunch, each guest can bring a dish and you can all have a fun, affordable and relaxed meal together.

Even if you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear or if you want something new for the season, there are ways to get clothes and accessories for free. By swapping a few select pieces of clothing with friends, perhaps also accessories such as sunglasses and hats, you can all mix up your summer wardrobes.

If you know that you’re having a good time without spending too much, you may feel like you’re enjoying this holiday season even more.

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