Many prospective buyers are confronted with a disheartening reality of an acute scarcity of housing options, particularly in some suburbs, according to Suburbtrends.

Homebuyers in some suburbs across Australia might find themselves unable to secure a home given the tight supply of homes for sale, according to Suburbtrends.

Suburbtrend’s latest report identified the top 20 suburbs with the lowest average stock on market over the past three months to June. The suburbs included are those with over 1,500 occupied dwellings.

Port Pirie South in South Australia is the suburb with the least amount of stock on the market — only an average of 0.07% of all dwellings are available for sale.

Suburbs from New South Wales, like St Clair and Hillvue, and Victorian suburbs such as Croydon Hills and Gladstone Park are also among the top suburbs where stock is substantially low.

Suburbtrends founder Kent Lardner said for agents in the suburbs with the lowest available listings, strategy is key for them to be able to help their homebuyer clients.

“The variations across suburbs present unique challenges and opportunities,” he said.

Below are the top 20 suburbs across Australia with the lowest average housing stock on market:



Photo by stevecoleimages on Canva.