Australian mortgage broker giant Aussie Home Loans has recently embraced a holistic digital transformation strategy in an effort to win over customers with cutting-edge customer service.

Richard Burns, Aussie Home Loans general manager, is taking a cue from disruptive apps in other industries like Uber and AirBnB, thinking that the financial industry should also make its mark in a radically changing consumer landscape. He revealed that Aussie Home Loans is improving its platform space to modernise the whole customer experience.

“In terms of our customers, more and more enquiries are becoming digital and through the mobile phone so we are also regularly tracking those particular trends and ensuring the design of our site and overall strategy is very mobile first,” Burns said.

The mortgage broker giant is also leveraging cloud-based technology to improve broker management, especially in a very competitive environment.

“So what we’re doing is ensuring our brokers have a better experience, and ultimately, that we give our end customers a better experience,” Burns explained. “But the challenge was that while the company had a lot of information about our brokers, it was very difficult for our sales leaders to get a holistic picture of their brokers and accessibility and usability of all that data was a challenge as well.”

Aussie Home Loans has integrated Salesforce Wave Analytics platform for this purpose, and will soon be integrating more Salesforce technology to help service its brokers better.

Though it will be a challenge to adopt these changes, Burns is positive that this will lead to better customer outcomes—something that Aussie Home Loans is really passionate about.