The IBM Fast Track Mortgage Strategy combines a fully featured home loan with an investment component in the IBM-preferred investment fund. According to IBM, the combination of a traditional home loan with a linked investment strategy will enable borrowers to pay off their mortgage in as little as 10 years at the same time recouping their outgoing costs such as interest. IBM chairman Ross Herron said the product offers property borrowers a new option for financing their purchase. "With this strategy, property buyers could save hundreds of thousand of dollars in interest payments, whilst owning their own home in a fraction of the time compared to a normal mortgage." Herron explained that the combined performance of selected hedge fund managers with a competitively priced property loan is key to the product. Returns from the investment fund go towards paying off the loan. Since the mortgage is interest only, borrowers can obtain funding with just minimum outlay of a deposit and purchase cost. "Repayments are also kept to a minimum, offering investors and homebuyers significant cash flow advantages," added Herron.