Landlords using the current tight rental market to skimp on maintenance obligations could face legal action, according to an industry expert. Carolyn Majda, marketing and operations manager at Terri Scheer Insurance Brokers, said she was aware of situations where landlords have faced lawsuits after neglecting requests. She noted that the current high demand for rental property might lead landlords to overlook maintenance issues, due to glut of potential tenants. "We are aware of situations in which landlords have been slow to follow-up maintenance requests and tenants have injured themselves as a result. These landlords have found themselves in court facing legal liability lawsuits and significant legal costs. Landlords have an obligation to maintain their property to an appropriate standard, regardless of how busy they are or how many prospective tenants they have waiting in the wings." Majda has issued a property checklist for landlords on the things they should keep in good condition to avoid a lawsuit. "Make sure the garden is free from rubble, older properties have been rewired and the electrical work undertaken by an electrician, steps and stairs are secured and strong, carpets are fitted and free from holes, and the property is clean and tidy and easy to maintain," she added.