Chief Executive Officer of the Mortgage Industry Association (MIAA), Phil Naylor agreed that online information is useful however he urges borrowers to conduct further research before signing on the dotted line. "While there are many good internet sites that can help home buyers familiarise themselves with the range of home loans available, they should also speak to an mortgage professional about which products are the most suitable for their situation. The internet can save time in the initial stage of shopping around for a home loan, but home buyers should be aware that a highly recommended product will not necessarily suit every individual. Home buyers should take the next step and visit someone who can continue doing the legwork for them and find a product that best suits their needs," he said. BankWest head of broker sales, Phil Colton, said the bank had also seen an increase in the number of online mortgage applications over the last year but most home loan applications still came through brokers or BankWest branches. "This points to the fact that home buyers, whilst utilising the internet for research, still want to talk to a broker or financial institution when they apply for a mortgage," said Colton.