The smallest details of your property can make or break a sale in this ultra-competitive housing market. The following expert tips can help you make sure you hit the renovating sweet spot before you put your house up for sale.
  1. First impressions count
The safety and appearance of the structural elements of the home are often what catches the fancy of most buyers at first glance. Cherie Barber of Renovating for Profit says that to get your property sale-ready, a high-pressure water clean is all you need.
“Give your house a bath. Use a gurney to get all the dirt and grime off your external walls and driveway. You can hire a machine and do this yourself in half a day,” she said.
  1. Focus on the small things
Not all houses need major renovations. A simple replacing or painting of the front door or fence can make a big difference to the exterior of the property.
Barber’s tip is to choose a modern, neutral color that would appeal to the majority and then inject some personality with accessories that can easily be removed.
  1. Don't forget the repairs
For Ben Carty of Boom Build Design and Constructions, it is always better to call an expert to check on repairs, especially if it involves anything electrical or plumbing.
“It is more than worth it to pay a licensed tradesperson and waterproofer so that the work is covered by a guarantee,” he told Domain News.
  1. Maintenance is key
“If you let the problem areas add up, you’ll be faced with a list a mile long when it’s time to sell,” Carty said. He advised trying to do small jobs around the house and in the garden.