The merged entity has a combined membership of 70,000 customers that is currently growing at a rate of 13% per annum. With a geographical spread reaching from Newcastle to Campbelltown, in Sydney's outer southwest, new members will be offered products from Community First's existing range of home loans. The merger is particularly exciting for Elcom borrowers, who now have the option of fixing a portion of their home loans, which they weren't previously able to do. Any members wishing to refinance to a new product will be spared the usual application fees, said the CEO of the newly merged group, John Tancevski. "This is about like-minded credit unions joining together. Our members have the option of keeping their existing loans as is, or switching to new products. Unlike many other lending institutions our fixed loans come with a 100% offset, and there is no charge for early repayments." Tancevski conceded that credit union customers wishing to change products will be charged a switching fee of $250. However, no deferred establishment fees apply to borrowers, even if they have been with either of the credit unions for fewer than five years.