A new home currently under construction in the US is capitalising on the celebrity status of Hollywood power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to compete in the tough housing market.

Named "The Brangelina," the house is a single family, four bedroom home with three and a half baths, a formal dining, study, family living room and media room.

It features the image of Pitt and Jolie with the use of proverbs, tattoos and quotes reflecting their beliefs, stenciled all over its 4,000 sq. ft. structure. A repeated pattern of "smiling hearts" prominently covers the home's thirty-foot tall roof using twelve colours of hearts with smiley faces.

The $500,000 home, by the artist known as Xvala, is located in the Thornbrooke neighbourhood of Edmond in Oklahoma City, just a few minutes drive from Pitt's hometown.

"We're celebrating a relationship that has captured the imagination of the whole world. People will be interested in this because of their bond," says spokesman Buddy Haydel.

The Brangelina will also introduce a new concept for home ownership called "Honorary Ownership." It is a feature of special request by the artist that The Brangelina's future owners agree to open their home to accommodate Pitt-Jolie every time they come to town to visit Pitt's grandmother.

"We are encouraging the idea that every neighbourhood in America is potentially a home to our superstars, keeping celebrities and regular people connected in spirit," said Xvala.