Ahead of the spring-selling season, non-bank lender Clinch has rolled out a fully digital bridging finance that promises conditional pre-approval in under six hours, backed by its proprietary credit-decisioning engine.

Clinch will be providing bridging finance between $200,000 to $10m for up to six months with no repayments due until the loan’s maturity.

Clinch founder and CEO Wayne Miller said this new product aims to provide Australian buyers and sellers the confidence to carry out their transaction without worrying too much about their finances.

“Clinch’s aim is to make it easy for people to obtain short-term finance, to take the time pressure out of buying and selling decisions,” he said.

“Chances are your home is the biggest investment you will ever make — you do not want to be forced to make snap decisions that, at best, means having to compromise and, at worst, live with buyer’s regret or seller’s remorse.”

Here are the features of Clinch’s new bridging loan:


Starts from 5.95% p.a.


None until the loan matures

Loan size

$200,000 to $10m

Maximum LVR


Establishment Fees


Loan Term

Up to 6 months.

How to apply for Clinch’s bridging finance

Applying for Clinch’s bridging loan requires six steps.

  1. Borrowers must apply through Clinch's website.
  2. In under six hours, borrowers will receive a conditional offer.
  3. Borrowers must pay a small application fee upon the acceptance of the offer.
  4. Supporting documents must be submitted.
  5. Borrowers can proceed to buy a new property.
  6. Borrowers can sell their current home.

In the process of application, Clinch will ask the borrower whether the purpose of the loan fits the following categories:

  • The borrower wants to buy before selling.
  • The borrower has already purchased a property but have not sold.
  • The borrower plans to renovate first and sell later.
  • The borrower needs to access cash before selling.

Photo by 89stocker on Canva