Digital non-bank lender WLTH has unveiled recycled VISA cards for offset accounts available for Australian borrowers.

The launch of WLTH Parley Ocean cards, produced from plastic waste and marine debris, was in partnership with Parley for the Ocean.

WLTH customers will be able to directly access their personal mortgage offset accounts through the card.

WLTH CEO and co-founder Brodie Haupt said the launch of the cards is a symbolic strategy.

“We have a hundred percent eco and sustainable card — from the packaging to the envelope, to even the glues being plastic-free, and of course to the card itself and the design,” he said.

“Our customers are becoming more socially conscious, and we are empowering them to be more involved in protecting the environment.”

WLTH co-founder Drew Haupt said the release of these recycled VISA cards and the partnership with Parley build on the lender’s commitment to clean up 50 square metres of beach and coastline for every home loan settled.

“Our partnership with Parley is to really raise awareness that the issue is currently present. I think it’s up to us as business leaders to take charge and take control of the issue,” he said.

WLTH and Parsley’s partnership aims to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in the world’s oceans, with over 116 million tonnes of plastic currently making up around 80% of marine debris.