Three lenders recently repriced its fixed-rate offerings.

Three lenders — HomeStart, Bank of Queensland (BoQ), and Move Bank — have jumped in on the rate-cut trend, slashing their fixed rates by up to 60 basis points (bps).

HomeStart's fixed and graduate loans

Non-bank lender HomeStart Finance announced a series of cuts across its fixed-rate home-loan offerings, slashing its mortgage costs by up to 50 bps. HomeStart is also known for its low-deposit mortgage products. It also introduced some adjustments to the rates of its low-deposit home loans.

The table below shows the changes to HomeStart's fixed rates:

HomeStart's recent fixed home-loan rate changes.

BoQ's home-loan rate cut

BoQ unveiled rate discounts for owner-occupiers and investors, slashing its fixed rates by up to 55 basis points. The discounted rates apply to loans under principal-and-interest and interest-only terms.

The table below reflects the changes to BoQ's fixed-rate products.

Bank of Queensland recently slashed the fixed rates of owner-occupier and investment loans.

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MOVE Bank reprices fixed and variable mortgages

MOVE Bank made the most out of the low interest-rate environment, cutting the fixed rates of its home-loan products. The rate of its Straightforward Home Loan offering is now down from 3.24% to 3.09%.

The bank also repriced the rates of several fixed-rate products:

MOVE Bank announced rate cuts for several of its fixed-rate products.

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