These brokerages are thriving as independent operations. MPA discovers the business strategies that make them tick

Brokers these days are more than just mortgage salespeople. They’re entrepreneurs who approach their work with an eye on the business at large, not just on where that next commission cheque will be coming from.

To celebrate the increasingly professional and entrepreneurial spirit that embodies the mortgage broking profession in the 21st century, MPA has once again compiled a list of 10 of the nation’s best-performing independent brokerages.

What helps their organisations succeed?

As well as celebrating the achievements of these independent operations, we’ve quizzed some of the key decision-makers at each organisation to discover how they approach the business of broking – and what strategies they have put in place to ensure ongoing success.

Over the next 12 pages MPA presents this year’s Top 10 Independent Brokerages. What are the keys to their success? Keep reading to find out.