Whether an experienced or first-time property investor, your chances of investment success can be considerably enhanced with the support of the right experts.

While many people seek advice from accountants, real estate agents and financial planners, too often the value of guidance from a professional mortgage adviser is overlooked.

With the finance typically forming the single largest expense associated with a property investment, getting the decision right on the mortgage can be critical to your ultimate success.

However, not all mortgage advisers are created equal. As in most industries, the levels of professionalism can vary.

Here are some key points to consider when looking for a professional mortgage adviser:
1. Look for an adviser with access to 20 or more lenders
A quality mortgage adviser should have at least 20 lenders on their panel. Ask to see the full list of lenders that the adviser is accredited to represent.

2. Ask them to disclose how much commission is paid by each lender
Professional advisers will provide this on request without hesitation. If your adviser is unwilling to do so, proceed with caution.

3. Request full documentation for the reasons why they are recommending a particular lender
Credible mortgage advisers provide their services with full transparency and should be able to provide you with a plain English written explanation of how the recommended loan meets your unique circumstances.

4. Only deal with members of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)
Membership of the MFAA confirms that the adviser has met minimum professional standards. Be cautious of advisers who don't have this membership.

5. Select a company with a proven track-record
If in doubt, go with a company that has been around for the long haul, 10 years or more. This demonstrates a track record of providing service to clients.

6. Look for a "mortgage adviser"
If researching options, search for a "mortgage adviser", rather than a "mortgage broker" - it is the advice and guidance that is of real value.

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