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Expanding and diversifying, Daniel Green’s brokerage is blazing a trail for commercial brokers to challenge the big players.

Lenders can (and do) endlessly talk up the potential for commercial lending: the ‘unmet needs’, the diversification potential, and of course the commission. Perhaps they’d convince more brokers simply by pointing to Green Finance Group, a brokerage that started in commercial and is now  firmly established as one of Australia’s best brokerages full stop. 

The last 12 months for Green Finance have been about expansion, including opening a second office in Pyrmont, Sydney. “We have such a large commercial client base in NSW and Vic,” explains director Daniel Green, “[that] it was the right time to set up a permanent southern presence.” Green also hints at further expansion beyond the brokerage headquarters in Brisbane. 

Green Finance has also expanded its portfolio of services. “Pubs and clubs are similar beasts when it comes to finance, although clubs are generally refurbishing on a much more regular basis,” explains Green, who started the brokerage himself in the pub finance space. “It’s a vibrant space to be in and has certainly become a core specialty.” 

The degree of diversification at Green Finance has to be seen to be believed. On its website there are four headings, for commercial finance, equipment finance, home finance and financial planning. Each heading has at least four subheadings, ending up with around 25 services, including areas such as ‘petrol station finance’ and ‘poker and gaming machine finance’. 

Diversification is built into the mindset of the brokerage, Green explains. “Green Finance Group aims to provide all-round financial services solutions, rather than limit ourselves to lending alone, and we will continue to do so.” That diversity means that recent lending changes have had very little effect upon the brokerage. 

A willingness to offer new services is matched by careful cost management. “Return on investment is a critical measure at Green Finance Group and ensures the sustainability of our business,” notes Green, pointing to processes which track the work and rework required to meet milestones in the loan process “This creates a clear line of sight of colleague productivity that we review on a regular basis, allowing us to maintain focus and mandate clients appropriately.” 

Green looks to hire brokers who are already experts in their fields, and promotes their expertise to clients. When it comes to the question of brand versus broker reputation, he says he doesn’t see any separation. “We are a team of individuals, so yes, we work with our own goals and targets in mind, but it’s a team approach and we are committed to the brand and to each other, so individual ‘wins’ are something we share and feel proud of as a team.”