Top 10 Independent Brokerages 2015 - 5 ALLIANCE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS

Contact Information
Established in 2012
Based in Sydney, NSW
Managing director: Cissy Fang

Top 10 Independent Brokerages may be the only competition Alliance Mortgage Solutions [AMS] hasn’t yet appeared in – they were the Australian Mortgage Awards’ New Brokerage of the Year, and are led by Top 100 Brokers Eric Cui (sixth) and Donald Tang (ninth). All this was achieved in less than three years; AMS was established in November 2012.

This year was as fast-moving as ever, Cui says. “We brought six brokers on board, and we designed our own training programme, starting from day one.” They also launched their website and established themselves on Facebook and WeChat, the network utilised to great effect by brokers working with Chinese-language clients. They’ve also been working hard to establish referral links with local estate agents.

“Alliance’s brand is now much more famous within the mortgage broking industry,” Cui says. “Our awards are particularly recognised within the Chinese community, and they approach us … including very official Chinese media.” Around 20–25% of AMS’ clients are international, but that still means around 70% of clients come from Sydney, although enquiries from Melbourne are growing in number.

Within AMS, there are three supporting departments – marketing, accounting
and administration – that are worth the accompanying costs, Cui says. “These people make our sales team much more effective, doing a lot of the pre-sales work for us. The sales consultants focus on their jobs, [and] we can win more business.” In fact, AMS recently established an office in Hurstville exclusively for their administrative staff. The division of responsibility also applies at the top of the brokerage – Cui and Tang are working brokers, but third co-founder Cissy Fang is exclusively administrative.

AMS certainly aren’t resting on their laurels. From May onwards, they’ve been offering commercial and asset finance, and constant training is at the core of the brokerage’s philosophy. “We put a lot of effort into training,” Cui says. “Brokers are required to get 30 CPD points per year, but our internal policy insists on at least 50 points.” They bring lenders and aggregators into the office to train the staff and attend personal development days whenever possible, Cui adds. “We want the clients to think our brokers are very professional and knowledgeable – not just about mortgage broking, but also other industries.”