Top 10 Franchise Brokerages 2015 - #10 Franchise Brokerage 2015: Aussie Baulkham Hills

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Aussie Baulkham Hills Brokerage DetailsTik Kamtan’s laughter is infectious, which makes sense, given she’s the co-owner of a brokerage built on word of mouth. Aussie Baulkham Hills is somewhat younger than many others in this list, having been in the business only since 2006, yet through community connections, they’ve established themselves as one of the nation’s top brokerages.

The brokerage’s clients are relatively mixed – refinancers taking advantage of low rates alongside investors and first home buyers. “Seventy per cent of the business is from around here, and around 30% from elsewhere,” Kamtan explains. That 30% is spread over the whole of Australia, which raises the question of how a single franchise brokerage became so well known.

The answer is community connections. Kamtan teaches at a Thai language school and has extensive links with the Thai community, which extends far beyond Baulkham Hills. Her business partner, Leo Gennusa, has a referral relationship with a real-estate agent in the Hornsby area of Sydney. “We never advertise,” insists Kamtan. “We just do our own networking, and through word of mouth, they will send business here.”

Given the important of personal connections in the brokerage’s marketing strategy, finding the right staff is vital. Although Aussie has the final decision, the brokerage hires their own staff. They look for independent and mature individuals who “work smart,” Katman says, which is important given the demands of the job: “Eight years ago we’d hire a broker to deal with all the leads we had. But in this  market, a new broker would also need to find their own business.”

This year is about quality, not quantity, concludes Kamtan: “Looking at our KPIs, we’re aware we’re quite experienced and quite old, too – we’re not a young team. That means in business, we’re looking to grow steadily; 10-15% growth a year is what we want.”

Leo Gennusa, co-owner of Aussie Baulkham Hills Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff

Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff Aussie Baulkham Hills Staff