Factors to consider when upsizing or upgrading your home

While it is the same process as buying your first-home, upsizing might be complicated especially if costs and finances are to be considered.

My tenants haven't paid their rent and won't leave! What should I do?

A tenant who falls behind in their rent can become one of the biggest financial risks to landlords and can often put them under considerable financial stress.

Property investing in New Zealand

The free trade agreement between Australian and New Zealand means Australians can invest in NZ property — here’s what you need to know.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Familiarity with this complex tax system can help you weigh up whether to sell your properties now or later.

Private sale vs auction

One of these methods could potentially allow you to secure the best price and a relatively speedy sale of your home.

What tax deductions can you claim on your rental property?

If you are a property investor, to help get you prepared for tax season here's a checklist of rental property expenses may be able to deduct from your annual tax bill.

What should I know when setting up an SMSF?

More than one million Aussies have taken control of their own super fund to control exactly what and how they invest.

What makes a good investment property?

Property is one of the most popular investment options in Australia, but not all properties make a good investment.

A landlord's guide to rent increases by state

Each state has its own set of guidelines for rent increases during tenancies — find out what these guidelines are and avoid any potential disputes.

How to make your investment property appealing to tenants

When it comes to investment properties, it’s all about increasing the value so you can continue to make a profit. A big part of that is making the property as appealing as possible to potential tenants.