Mortgage repayment calculator

This calculator examines your requested loan amount, in combination with your interest rate and the length of your loan, to show you a calculation of what your monthly, weekly, and fortnightly payments could be.


Loan term: 30 years, Repayment requency: Monthly


Home Loan Guides

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

While every lender will have their own specific lending criteria, all banks and private lenders will look for a few of the same things. Here's what to prepare for when you apply for a home loan.

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The benefits of an offset account

An offset account can give you the freedom to “park” your own funds and save in interest whilst keeping the loan itself free of “personal” transactions. helpful if you are claiming a tax deduction on loan interest as most accountants will advise you not to deposit your own funds in and draw them out unless they are used for tax deductible purposes.

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