Home loan customers and industry experts across the country have revealed what is most important to them when looking for a competitive lender. They have also spoken out on which lenders and mortgage products take the top podium from the countless options that populate the market.

Backed by 12 weeks of robust research and one-on-one interviews with both homeowners and mortgage brokers, Your Mortgage’s 5-Star Mortgage Lenders for 2021 puts a spotlight on the lenders that received the highest ratings across a range of mortgage features. The report also raises what makes a lender stand out in today’s market.

This includes how well a lender performs across offset and redraw facilities, portability, add-ons, customer service, processing times, fees, and online banking.

When inspecting a home loan product to better understand its performance and expected costs, there’s also the question of what you should ideally be turning your attention to. Borrowers and mortgage professionals have weighed in, collectively determining which components out of a lender’s service and mortgage features are most important for a buyer to consider and prod for performance.

Overall, each lender had to receive more than an 80% score to be awarded with 5-stars by Your Mortgage for a particular attribute in the report. The 21 lenders that took 5-stars are recognised for providing a loan that comes with an exceptional blend of price, features and customer service.

Amongst the top-rated were Better Choice for providing both a competitive fixed rate and variable rate, homeloans.com.au for their variable rate, and La Trobe Financial for their low-doc home loan.

Whether you’re a new homebuyer or an experienced property dabbler, being able to source an ideal home loan product with a lender that is attuned to your financial circumstances and goals can provide an efficient and stress-free application process – as well as save you thousands on the total cost of your loan.

A lender’s ability to adapt to a customer’s changing circumstances and provide a flexible home loan product is also explored in Your Mortgage’s report, including a closer look into how some of the fundamental mortgage features work, and most importantly, how they can save you money in the long-run and provide you with ease of access to extra funds.

It’s about finding a home loan that works harder for you. To access the report and the 21 lenders that received a 5-star rating, click here.