Australians have traditional views on looking for the most ideal home.

While most home buyers dream of houses with lavish interiors and picturesque views, their preference change and they become more practical when they start to seriously look for a property to settle in.

A study cited by The Daily Telegraph revealed that most property buyers are looking for a single level brick home in the suburbs with a garage and a backyard. The most sought-after features are gas-powered kitchen which overlooks the backyard, as well as lounge and dining areas which lead to an outdoor entertainment space.

Gonaturalgas spokesperson Danielle Beinart told The Daily Telegraph that despite the advancements in technology, most homebuyers still have traditional preferences in choosing a home. In fact, of the 1,200 respondents used in the study, only 10 actually wanted a home with smart technology.

"The research suggests that Sydney residents still have traditional views of the great Australian dream, and even in the modern age where we have smart devices and gadgets always at our fingertips, we haven’t changed our views on what makes a house a home," she said.

Almost all home buyers asked in the study said a shared space for entertaining was one of the most important aspects of making a house a home, as Beinart said.  Other desirable features included a private garden and a backyard.

For director Rich Harvey, these demands were not surprising. He had similar views about how home buyers still have the traditional tastes in choosing a house.

"A common theme is for an indoor/outdoor space, an area where the family can have a community. They certainly want a house where they feel they can relax and entertain and it is their haven," Harvey said.

However, Harvey said this could also be an indication of the affordability of the housing market.

"They realise if they add another 15 to 20 minutes to their commute then they can afford a backyard and often it’s the compromise — it becomes a tipping point for a lot of these families — they want to be close to good schools and they want a yard," he said.