Many Australians dream of having this feature in their homes.

Aside from affordable price tags and strategic locations, Aussie property hunters are looking for specific features in homes they are planning to buy.

Citing data from property listing platform, the Daily Telegraph reported that swimming pools were the most sought feature for home hunters in Australia.

Over the past six months, prospective property buyers in New South Wales alone searched for swimming pools 270,000 times. The second most wanted home feature was a waterfront, which garnered 52,000 searches in the past month.

For Nerida Conisbee, an economist from, the belief that pools do not necessarily add value to properties seem to have changed as buyers still expressed their strong desire for such house feature.

Grany flats and garages were also popular features that of NSW home buyers were looking for, as well as homes where pets are allowed.

Conisbee told the Daily Telegraph that the increased interest in granny flats came as buyers look for passive sources of income.

The same home features were also on the wish lists of Victorian, South and West Australian home hunters. In the Australian Capital and Northern territories, a large chunk of home buyers searched for furnished homes.

Conisbee also noted that homes near bodies of water are still gaining a lot of traction from home buyers, especially in Sydney.

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