By Robert Carry

Home-owners across Tasmania are facing a major land tax charge after government advisory body the Business Tax and Regulation Reference Group posted a submission to the federal taxation review recommending the move.

According to The Mercury newspaper, the group has recommended major changes including making land tax payable by all landowners, not just those with a second property.

The group, chaired by business consultant Keith Stacey said in it's report, "Such a tax would not be determined solely by the property value; that is, it would include a component that does not vary with property value but may vary with the number of adult residents."

The report also called for an examination of the viability of state-based income-tax surcharges on top of centrally administered income taxes.

The report comes in the wake of a rash of complaints and protests over newly restructured land tax bills for businesses and multiple property owners triggering increases of more than 150% in some cases.

Opposition to the plan has been widespread with Liberal Treasury spokesman Peter Gutwein saying a broadening the tax base to include the family home would be "absolutely unacceptable for all Tasmanians". He added, "I don't think anyone would support that."