Sydney is now Australia’s most expensive capital city for property buyers. The latest data from Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic shows that the median house price in Sydney is currently north of $933,202 (almost double what it was in 2009).

Despite widespread unaffordability, a new report from Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic highlights a number of suburbs where first-home buyers can spend half that amount and still acquire a decent family home. 

“First home buyers have to do their homework as to where to invest. There’s this thing called compromise—our parents did it and we’ve got to do it. Today, where you want to live is not necessarily where you need to own,” said John Symond, founder and chief executive of Aussie Home Loans.

Suburbs within the Blacktown council area dominate the top ten list for most affordable housing in the greater Sydney area. Median prices here are under $500,000 and homes near $400,000 are still available.

The suburbs of Tregear, Willmot, and Letherbridge Park in the Blacktown council area top the list for the most affordable suburbs 40 kilometres from the central business district.

Buyers who’re looking for a great bargain would be glad to know that a three-bedroom home in Blackett is currently being quoted in the high $300,000 to low $400,000 range.

Those who’re looking for an affordable home south west of the central business district should consider the Campbelltown council area. Suburbs such as Ambarvale and Bradbury have median prices south of $400,000.