Keen to renovate? You’re not alone: more than one-quarter of Australians are expected to upgrade their homes or investment properties over the next year.

The work and business opportunities for those who are in the renovation trade sector are expected to increase as a result, with a recent survey by showing that 26% of Australian property owners are planning to renovate.

According to CEO Jeremy Levitt, renovation is big business at the moment, with a lot of work available for plumbers, painters, and carpenters.

“Homeowners love to update, experiment, and change their surroundings so there is always plenty of work around for tradies,’’ said Levitt.
Historically, 54% of the homeowners in the country have renovated their homes at one point, which makes it a common practice for Aussies.

Successful television programs on renovation, like House Rules, The Block, and Selling Houses Australia, might also be prompting homeowners to take the plunge on redesigning their homes.

Aside from getting satisfaction from a newly renovated space, Aussies are also renovating for monetary rewards. With the continuing surge in the property market due to low interest rates, these homeowners may be able to sell their properties for a higher value after renovation.