The common thinking that accepting pet owners as tenants can lead to a disaster to your property appears to be invalid as new data show that sealing a contract with them may be preferable to having tenants with toddlers.
Geoff Baldwin, managing director of RE/MAX WA, said pet owners are more willing to pay premium rent and much less likely to move out anytime soon.
Moreover, Baldwin said he observed that there are more damage can be done by young children than by a dog, but “no-one would consider banning families with children from applying for their rental property.”
“The general feeling is that a dog may in some way damage the property, but… I have found this to be far from the truth and, in many ways, quite the opposite applies,” he said.
Property owners should consider investigating the size of the dog, and its breed, age and behaviour before making a decision.
“In a more competitive rental market, as is predicted for 2015, owners should be looking at ways to make their property more attractive, and actually inviting tenants with dogs to apply is a huge point of difference.”