It’s not every day that one walks into a room inundated with industry leading professionals – their full attention eagerly focused – ready to get to know you and the direction in which your property goals are headed.

But that’s what buyers across the nation are being offered for a limited number of days as property investors and buyers, no matter at what stage of the buying process they are at, gather for this year’s upcoming Property Buyer and Investor Expo from October 26 to 27.

The sharing of knowledge under the one roof of the Sydney Showground, Hall 5, is expected to be likened to an electrical buzz that transmits a broad range of industry information directly to attendees; no individual appointments needed.

“You have all of these professionals all in one place and it gives people a chance to meet these people who are really, really focused in what they do,” shares Graeme Hough, founder and director of Commercial Warehouse, which specialises in comparing and negotiating commercial property loans, so that investors can pocket the most opportune deal.

“[The expo is] beneficial for both; it’s beneficial for us because we are meeting customers who are looking to increase their wealth, and it’s beneficial for the customers because they are getting all of these different views and all of these different professions all in one space, a very, very tight space, and you can’t really ask for anything more.”

Generally, if someone wanted to connect with these experts, it could take days or even weeks to ring them all up and secure meetings, Mr Hough adds.

“These people are here ready to serve you, so from a customer’s perspective, it probably doesn’t get any better,” he shares.

Whilst the expos agenda rests in exhibitors and speakers connecting with attendees and exposing them to avenues in which they can opportunely buy and invest in property today, the event also breaks down the larger, and at times intimidating backdrop of a market that rides a wave of constant change.

From how to appropriately structure a home loan so that it works for your wallet, where to get started in developing, to how to access available wealth, and whether investing in commercial could be an opportune next move, a varied panel of experts are on-hand to offer guidance as to how buyers and investors can turn their property goals into a healthy return – whether that comes to fruition over the long-term or short-term.

You may be looking to purchase your first home but don’t quite know where to start, or you may already have a residential property as your primary place of residence but want to find out how you can transition into the investing sphere.

“This particular expo in Sydney is going to be really, really good, because we don’t see a lot of home-focused investment property seminars in Sydney of this calibre,” Mr Hough says, who will be bringing Commercial Warehouse’s deep-seeded experience in the commercial market to attendees across the two info-packed days.

“Not many people know about commercial property. They normally focus on residential, so our goal at the expo is to say, ‘why don’t you have a look at this side of the fence, you have got your residential, why don’t you have a look to see what’s happening over here and perhaps you can make some income from this, and furthermore, perhaps you can do really, really well from it?” Mr Hough explains.

Whilst Commercial Warehouse’s core is embedded in commercial loans, they can also connect investors to an extended team of professionals, which includes commercial buyers agents, accountants, and conveyancers that specialise in commercial properties.

“People should really come to the expo because both real estate and finance are about relationships. No one wants to buy a property just online, no one wants to get a loan just online. So, you should really be meeting who your team is, and you should be making relationships,” Mr Hough says.

Your Mortgage is proud to be media partner of The Property Buyer and Investor Expo. The Property Buyer and Investor Expo will take place on October 26 to 27 at Sydney Showground, Hall 5.
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