"Property location, tax benefits and the long-term outlook are crucial considerations when investing for capital growth," said Pia Vogel, joint managing director of HomeSource. "If the aim is income generation, investors need to research the local demand for rental accommodation before purchasing." Vogel noted that there is no substitute for independent research and professional advice. "You need to educate yourself to a level of understanding that enables you to make calculated and informed decisions about property investment," she said. To avoid unlicensed building contractors, HomeSource members also have access to a network of fully qualified local tradesmen, which means less risk and less wasted time. HomeSource members pay an annual fee of $110, which entitles them to one hour of legal or building consultation. Any unused time is rolled over to the next year as long as membership is kept current. "It means investment property owners can speak regularly to a legal or building expert on matters that might otherwise be overlooked and turn into expensive problems," said Guy McGrath, joint managing director of HomeSource. "HomeSource helps investors manage their property maintenance with a high level of certainty and effectiveness. Membership covers any residential property they own. Members can call or email us with a problem and we respond immediately or within 24 hours if the issue needs further research. There's no appointment and no extra costs."