Moving into a new home makes majority happy
Sixty-eight per cent of people say that moving into a new home is their happiest moment. That’s according to a survey that Mortgage Choice carried out ahead of this Friday’s International Day of Happiness. The old saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’ wasn’t so in this poll; 16.8 per cent said they were happiest living near family but a third picked living near water. Surprisingly only 3 per cent would be happier living nearer to work. Home owners in Victoria were the happiest according the poll with NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia following.
Source: News Corp Australia Network
GST increase to pay for scrapped land tax
Which would you rather pay; land tax or higher GST? The No Land Tax Party which could end up holding the balance of power in the forthcoming election for the NSW upper house wants to scrap the tax and plug the revenue gap by increasing GST to as much as 15 per cent. Although the goods and services tax is a federal charge states can argue for change and the No Land Tax Party are fielding candidates in all state elections in the hope of wielding more power. Abolishing land tax in NSW would leave a revenue shortfall of $2.4 billion.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney TV studios to become housing

The famous Sydney studios of Channel Nine are to be sold to housing developers. The Willoughby site which has been home to the TV channel for half a century will become home to hundreds of residents of apartments and townhouses; 400 have been approved for the 2.9 hectare site.
Source: Sky News

Hollywood real estate agents praise Brisbane

Two brothers who have sold homes for some of Hollywood’s most famous residents say the Australian real estate market is a great investment. The duo, Matt and Josh Altman host the US version of Million Dollar Listing and are in Brisbane with former California governor Arnold Swarzenegger. The Altman’s famous clients have included Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and say that Arnie knows a lot about real estate having made much of his money as a property investor: “He used all the money that he used to make in muscle contests to buy real estate,” Josh said. The brothers praised Australia and Brisbane in particular saying that they were tempted to buy here. Matt enthused that the “modern architecture is so far ahead of anything I’ve seen. The modern architecture out here is incredible, the way they incorporate old buildings. It’s gorgeous. We love it!”
Source: Courier-Mail