La Trobe Financial has bagged two major awards at the International Finance Awards held in London, namely Best Mortgage Fund Australasia and Best Investment Management Company.
The event gathered more than 1,200 professionals from global financial institutions, banks, fund managers, and insurance companies from 92 countries.
La Trobe Financial’s president and chief executive Greg O’Neill received the award, accompanied by vice president and head of institutional mandates Martin Barry.
“Our core values and a thorough understanding of the business environment all play a significant factor in our success. We are very proud to accept these further international Awards on behalf of our dedicated staff who daily go about their business of being guardians of other peoples’ life savings – a role we take with great pride and responsibility,” O’Neill said.
Just last February, the company won two consecutive International Alternative Investment Review Global Awards - Excellence in Mortgage Fund Management (2013 and 2014). In 2013, it was recognised for the category Excellence & Innovation in Australia Mortgage Management.
La Trobe was established in 1952 and has generated annual revenue of $111m this year.