Homebuyers who want to settle in an artistically and commercially vibrant part of the Kingston Foreshore (Canberra’s only urban waterside community) should consider Kingsborough. The development is strategically located at the south-east end of the Kingston Foreshore—an area that has become a major hub for cuisine, the arts, and cultural events.

According to developer John Gasson, Kingsborough has “its own identity.” While the area was once seen as the “not so good end of the Kingston Foreshore,” it’s in a “secluded little precinct” that offers residents privacy and some measure of protection from the cold winds blowing off the water in winter.

Kingsborough boasts warehouse residences, terraces, apartments, and shop houses, with shop-space below and housing above. Gasson describes the central thoroughfare (known as “the Junction”) as the development’s focal point, as it’s situated between shop houses and warehouses.  

The Junction is designed to develop into a village square, with shop houses occupying the ground level. The developers want to attract small business owners who can enrich the development’s commercial potential, such as vintage clothing boutiques, coffee shops, and pottery studios.

Kingsborough’s village feel is reinforced by landscaped outdoor spaces, tranquil community gardens, and outdoor gyms.

Housing is priced from $349,900 to $949,900, and ranges from “very affordable” utilitarian warehouses to family-sized terraces. There are also three uniquely designed apartment buildings with 10 to 12 luxurious apartments each.  

To ensure that each apartment building was unique, Gasson and his team worked with several architects to give “each of the buildings an individual flavour.”

Stage 1 was released in October of this year, and 30 of the 157 homes on offer were sold. Completion is expected in late 2017 or early 2018.