Selling your home or rental property is a major undertaking. Not only can it be challenging to list a property for sale in today’s competitive market, but there are often unforeseen financial and emotional considerations you’ll have to grapple with.

To ensure a successful sale, you’ll need unbiased and professional advice. So how would you go about finding the best real estate agent for you?

Meet at least three real estate agents.

Trying to sell your home without professional representation in today’s cutthroat market is sheer madness. Moreover, homes without professional representation often remain on the market much longer and end up selling at much lower prices than those with a pro at the helm.

However, you shouldn’t go with the first real estate agent you come across. Janne Sutcliffe, a Sydney-based buyer’s agent, advises vendors to meet with at least three real estate agents before selecting one. “Ask each of them the same questions to establish their position on price, fees, what pre-sale improvements are needed, the best way to market the property and the cost of advertising,” she said.

Sutcliffe advises against selecting an agent who gives you the highest price estimate as they “might be talking it up to get the listing.” Instead, she advises vendors to pick the agent who gives realistic and fair price estimates.

Do your research.

Before deciding on a real estate agent, ask them to provide you with a list of the properties they’ve listed and sold in the past year, together with the contact information of the clients. When interviewing past clients, find out what the asking price for the properties were and compare these to the sales price. Also, ask if the properties were similar in price, location, and other salient features to the property you’re selling.

Check out the agents’ listings.

You should also check out the agents’ listings online. Places to snoop around include the agency’s website and reputable Aussie property websites. As the majority of buyers start their search on the Internet, you’d want to work with a real estate agent who knows how to use online tools effectively.

Examine how closely the agent’s listings mirror the property you’re trying to sell. Is the price range similar? Does the real estate agent have enough listings to indicate a thriving business—but not so many that you’d just be another client waiting in the wings?

Ask them about their marketing strategy.

You should ask the agents precisely how they plan to market your property to prospective buyers.

Aside from newspaper ads and specialty real estate publications, more and more agents are turning to digital marketing strategies—such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and content marketing—to reach tech-savvy buyers.

Take note of the marketing mediums your prospective agent plans to use to sell your property. If your agent understands the target buyers and has a solid plan for reaching them, then you’ve found the right professional to work with.