Moving into a new home is a complicated task that requires sufficient planning and preparation. There are many logistics you need to deal with and the best approach to managing these is to have an organised system in place.

Some people are fortunate to have family and friends ready to assist them in this complex endeavour. However, if you do not have the benefit of a helping hand, it may be a good idea to hire a professional removalist to do the heavy lifting.

But what is a removalist and what services do they provide? Will they cost you an arm and a leg? Here are the things you need to know if you are thinking of hiring a professional removalist.

What do professional removalists do?

Professional removalists are tasked to safely transport your possessions to your new home. They are also responsible for unloading your belongings and placing them in their proper positions inside or outside the house. Removal companies provide packing, unpacking, furniture and appliance set-up, and cleaning services, but these may come at an additional cost.

Typically, professional removal companies offer three types of services, according to online job marketplace Oneflare. These are:

1. Back-loading

If you choose this service, your belongings will share space with other people’s possessions in the removalist’s vehicle. You will only need to pay for the area – usually measured in square metres – in the truck or van that your things occupy.

2. Moving-only

Most removal companies offer packing services at an additional cost. If you have time and are looking to save, you can skip this service and pack your belongings yourself. You can also source packing materials for free from local shops or grocery stores, or you can purchase them from the moving company.  

3. Full-move

If time is of the essence and you need to move as soon as possible, hiring the complete service is your best option. The removalists will handle everything from packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and packing. Some moving firms also provide furniture and appliance set-up.

How much do professional removalist services cost?

According to Oneflare, enlisting professional removal services can start at $100 and go up as high as $8,500. The total cost is dependent on several factors, including:

1. The size and type of the home you are moving from and to

A bigger house with more rooms is likely to hold more belongings than a smaller apartment. Other considerations such as the availability of lifts, stairs, and parking, also affect how much work the removalists need to put in and can add to the cost.

Here is a breakdown of how much it will cost to hire a removalist, depending on the type of property.

  • Moving from a house: $160 to $600
  • Moving from an apartment: $170 to $420
  • Moving to a house: $160 to $550
  • Moving to an apartment: $170 to $450

2. The distance of the move

Removal companies offer services for both those who are moving residences within the same city or state, and those who are moving interstate. The farther the home you are moving out from to the home you are moving into, the higher the services will cost. Here is a breakdown of how moving locally and interstate will cost you, according to Oneflare’s platform.

Local removalists

Average cost

South Australia

$100 to $400


$100 to $500

New South Wales

$110 to $950

Interstate removalists

Average cost

Australian Capital Territory

$500 to $4,000


$1,000 to $2,500

New South Wales

$575 to $6,000


$400 to $4,300

Regional removalists

Average cost

New South Wales

$150 to $3,500


$200 to $3,300


$200 to $1,000

Source: Oneflare

3. Type of service required

Removal companies offer standard services such as transporting your possessions, unpacking them, and putting them in their proper places in your new home. They may charge additional cost for packing, furniture set-up, and cleaning services.

How can you save on removalist costs?

There are several ways you can save on removalist costs. Here are some of them.

  • Packing your belongings on your own.
  • Sourcing packaging materials for free from local shops of grocery stores instead of purchasing them.
  • Moving smaller items yourself to save space.
  • Decluttering to avoid packing unwanted items.
  • Making sure a parking space is available for the removalists near your home.
  • Arranging your move during off-peak periods.
  • Comparing quotes from different removalists before settling on one.

While moving to a new house – with all the hard work it entails – can be stressful, careful planning and a sound strategy can help keep the process moving smoothly and your stress levels down. So, make sure you do the necessary preparations, and do not hesitate to get all as much help as possible.