Homeowners in Tasmania were the most satisfied with their sales in June.

Homeowners in Tasmania were the most satisfied with their sales in June, according to a new study by RateMyAgent.

The study found that Tasmania held a significant lead amongst all states, achieving 51% above expectation for property prices, followed by the Australian Capital Territory (34%) and South Australia (32%).

"Spring often sees an increase in the number of properties coming onto the market, which places downward pressure on real estate value. The rise of vendors selling property above ​expectation is good news for vendors, and as we look to the remainder of the year, we anticipate prices are likely to hold firm," RateMyAgent CEO Mark Armstrong said.

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While Sydney and Melbourne are at the forefront of the burgeoning house-price recovery, their parent states are in the middle of the pack. Victoria and New South Wales reported respective sale-price satisfaction levels of 31% and 29%.

On the other hand, Queensland (26%) and Western Australia (15%) continued to feel the property blues at the bottom of the leaderboard. 

Overall, seller satisfaction in Australia increased, from 26% in April to an annual high of 31% in June.

"The smiles are coming back to the property market, and this quarter's report demonstrates that, quite literally, price expectation continues to recover from a low at the end of 2018," Armstrong said.

Below is the list of places where sellers were the happiest:

  1. Hobart TAS (56% net above) 
  2. South-East TAS (53% net above) 
  3. Central TAS (51% net above) 
  4. Outer North Melbourne VIC (50% net above) 
  5. The Mallee VIC (49% net above) 
  6. Launceston TAS (47% net above) 
  7. The Riverina NSW (46% net above) 
  8. Mid-North Coast NSW (41% net above) 
  9. Inner Melbourne VIC (38% net above) 
  10. Inner West Sydney NSW (37% net above) 
  11. Southern Melbourne VIC (36% net above) 
  12. Central Highlands and Goldfields VIC (36% net above) 
  13. North Western NSW (36% net above) 
  14. Northern Melbourne VIC (35% net above) 
  15. Western Melbourne VIC (34% net above) 
  16. Metropolitan Adelaide SA (34% net above) 
  17. Canberra ACT (34% net above) 
  18. Canberra Region NSW (33% net above) 
  19. North-East VIC (32% net above) 
  20. Central West NSW (31% net above)