By Robert Carry

Mortgage firm Aussie Home Loans has revealed that it now draws over 75% of its business through its website, up from just 2% in 2003.

The massive increase has been attributed to a major re-vamp of the firm's online presence. The group optimised search results, overhauled its website, increased online advertising and provided tools such as an online calculator in a bid to increase the amount of traffic its website attracted.

The company hired digital agency Amnesia Razorfish to further strengthen its online presence and a further campaign which involved marketing the company's services through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter was launched.

"Consumer behaviour was changing and the way customers were wanting to interact with our products and our brand has changed significantly. So much so that our marketing techniques were not going to work in that environment," said the firm's marketing and product general manager, Stuart Tucker.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aussie Home Loans launched an interactive campaign which involved one of its mortgage advisers skydiving and consumers being encouraged to where in Australia by using Google Maps.