It’s no secret that Australia has an ageing population. With one of the highest life expectancies in the world, more people are spending more time in retirement than ever before. But with over-60s finding it more challenging than ever to secure loans, securing the right finance for your golden years can prove tricky.

In these situations, equity release products – such as a Heartland Reverse Mortgage – can provide a solution for current and future needs alike.

“We’ve helped over 21,000 Australians live a more comfortable retirement,” says Sharon Yardley, Head of Operations at Heartland Seniors Finance. “Heartland is proud to have been awarded the InfoChoice Best Reverse Mortgage in 2020, and we place significant importance on the duty of care we have for each and every customer.”

In this exclusive feature, you’ll discover: 

  • Why people are thinking more about how they’ll finance retirement
  • Some of the most common reasons people use reverse mortgages
  • How a reverse mortgage works
  • Why duty of care is critical to Heartland Senior Finance

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