Australian investors can look forward to broader horizons with the signing of an 'equity deed' between the Aviate Group (Pty Ltd) and Macquarie Bank earlier this month.

The deed gives Macquarie the option to take a 30% stake in the specialist property investment firm sometime in the future.

Aviate will use the equity injection as development capital to broaden their business and help more investors move confidently into the market. 

Dean Firth, relationship banking executive director, Macquarie Bank has said Australians have typically had a strong enthusiasm for direct property investment as an asset class. "We believe this agreement will provide Aviate with the capital necessary to expand their business model and continue to provide investors with independent qualitative information about direct property investments," states Firth.

The Aviate Group (established in 2001) specialises in providing property investors with access to high class investment property research, through its network of developers, builders, architects, town planners and industry sources.

Firth believes the company to be a welcome addition to the property investing landscape in our country.

"With their dedicated approach to property research and due diligence, Aviate offer expert advice and research to the property investor, similar to the service and research offered by stock brokers and fund managers for the equities investor," he said.

Neil Smoli, managing director, Aviate said that the added capital will help to grow the company and the possibilities for their current and future clients.

"We look forward to expanding out offering to assist even more Australians access high-quality property investments in key areas that our research indicates will continue to outperform the general market," he declared.