The $21m cut in federal housing budget is only set to worsen the crisis enveloping Australia’s Hunter region, says a Newcastle-based housing provider.
Compass Housing Services argues the decrease will directly affect advocacy groups that advise and critique the government's policies, therefore “effectively silencing the voice of the Hunter region's most vulnerable people.”
"The biggest problem with that particular round of cuts, that comes on the back of the recent cut to the National Housing Supply Council, is the peak bodies that represent homelessness and community housing are just threatened to not function without that funding," managing director Greg Budworth said. "They're a particularly important part of the infrastructure of alerting the government to the ongoing need for housing, and also reviewing the policies and programs that the government initiates."
Budworth is urging newly appointed Social Services Minister Scott Morrison to discuss with affordable housing providers potential homelessness solutions.
"With Minister Scott Morrison taking over a new portfolio I think we'd rather see a much deeper dialogue," he added.
Compass Housing Services is the country’s largest community housing provider.