A house on the beach or near a body of water makes the happiest homebuyers, even more than living close to family and friends.
A new survey by Mortgage Choice has found that the experience of moving into their new home was one of the happiest moments for 68.2% of Australians.
Mortgage Choice conducted the survey in line with the International Day of Happiness on Friday, 20 March, reports News.com.au.
Other things that make Aussies happy include spending time with family, job security, taking holidays, and their properties. In fact, a third of respondents admitted they’d be happiest living near water, a dramatic spike from the 16.8% who prefer to live near family.
Contrary to the housing boom in capital cities with central business districts, only 3% of the respondents said they are happier living close to work.
Victoria’s residents also appeared to be the happiest when it came to owning a property than any other state, Mortgage Choice spokesman Jessica Darnbrough confirmed.
New South Wales residents follow, with residents in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia close behind.