A study conducted by The Sydney Morning Herald found that 54% of monthly loan statements contain errors and that the average monthly error is $242. On an annual basis, these sorts of errors could be costing you a small fortune.

If you have any of the loan types listed below, the chances are that your lender actually owes you money!

• home loan
• investment loan
• line of credit
• off-set account
• car loan
• personal loan

You would be crazy to think "it couldn't happen to me".

MortgageWatchdog can show you how to find errors in your bank statements and give you the tools to get back your money from the bank.

Better still, if you don't find errors in your statements, not only will you get a complete refund, but you'll also get another $250 for wasting your time. You can't get fairer than that can you?

To get the full details on this alarming problem and find out more about the MortgageWatchdog 'Success Guarantee'.

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