A British consultant is looking at Australia’s baby boomers as a possibility of changing the face of Perth’s housing stock.

Rodney Tolley finds more Australians born from 1946 to 1964 are preferring to “walk more, drive less, and live in a fulfilling and engaging community”.

Gen Y are also looking to live close to the city, which is further driving demand for high density housing, reports The West Australian.

Tolley said this lifestyle embraced by the boomers meant more are living close to the city or suburban hubs, picking out apartment spaces and higher density accommodations.
"There was a time when people looking for a home would drive out from Perth until they could afford a house," he said. "But a growing number of people are not prepared to live on the urban fringe."
He added that because these people wanted to live close to where they worked and played, high-density housing made more sense, resulting in health, economic and environmental benefits.