A survey by NAB shows most Australians are aiming for financial responsibility this year by saving more, making fewer impulsive splurges, and keeping a more realistic budget.
However, New Year resolutions varied between age groups. People between 30 and 49 years old were the most likely to want to settle their first home buyer loans and other mortgages, including credit cards.
"Families with kids are more likely to focus on the mortgage and other loans in 2015, while Australian singles say they will prioritise paying off credit cards, and change their job or work situation and 'live for today'," said NAB's chief economist Alan Oster.
The number one response was “taking greater responsibility for finances” – 31% planned to set more money aside this year.
Western Australians were named the most impulsive:  22% said they would be living for the moment this year. This figure is more than double that of other states.