August's federal election could set the stage for a bumper spring selling season.

Angus Raine, chief executive of Raine & Horne believes the election is 'perfectly timed'.

"Australians are normally wary of buying or selling a home in the lead up to a federal election -  generally, we tend to wait until the election is decided just in case there are any unforseen surprises," he said. "Winter is typically a quieter time for property sales, so an early poll will enable vendors to list in August or earlier - and won’t affect buying aspirations through the traditional spring selling season."

Kent Lardner, chief operating officer of Pricefinder, warned that the advent of the election combined with other factors could mean bad news for those looking for a quick sale.

"Sales numbers tend to decline during a federal election," he said. "This, coupled with the threat of another rate rise and the aftermath of the withdrawal of the First Home Buyers Grant will see the property market on hold."